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Friday, February 02, 2007


Last time on Ugly Betty: the audience asked, "wtf?"

This week: fewer questions, still some confusion.

First off: what was up with Becks? It was bad enough that he was a hot jackass, but he was also a near-exact copy of Daniel's friend from the first episode. The major difference would be that Becks didn't screw Daniel over, but I suppose that storyline could still be coming up.

It was interesting to see the Fabia character back on the show again. Fabia was funny the first time around, but the catfight with "Wrinkle-mina" in this episode was even better. Especially with Wilhelmina channeling the Wicked Witch of the West.

I liked to see Justin hanging around with Wilhelmina later in the episode. I think she actually likes the kid (how could you not?), and at first I wanted to think she was calling him "Jason" intentionally to pretend to be indifferent towards him. Then I remembered that Jason was also the name of that younger guy she was sleeping with for awhile, and I kind of grossed myself out. Better to just not think about that one anymore.

If Alex(is) was so uncomfortable as a guy, why does she have a woman's name tattooed on her leg?

Hilda went a long way towards making me hate her less. Making out with drunk Daniel was a little immature, but she made up for it by realizing that Henry wasn't a bad guy. If she and Grandma Suarez jump on the Walter-hating bandwagon, Hilda will go back to being okay. Of course, the scene with Hilda and Daniel also featured the best line of the episode:
"My sister just fired me!"
"My sister came back from the dead! And he's hot!"

Wilhelmina's technique for getting people to do her evil bidding could use some work. After the way the fashion show ended, I hope Christina hosts a special on Fashion TV all about Wilhelmina's inability to wear a size 6. On the other hand, I finally believed that she and Alex(is) might really have a shot at taking over the company. Plus, it was really nice of the police to wait until right after Alex(is)'s speech to arrest Bradford. Good timing, NYPD!

Next week: Why are you hitting yourself?


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