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Saturday, January 20, 2007

holy crap! he's a she! or rather, she's a he!!

just when you thought that i'd abandoned this blog, i'm BACK, with a vengeance.

for a while i was depressed because it felt like i'd caught tv talking crap about me in the bathroom and then walked in on it making out with my boyfriend, but then my wonderful co-admin introduced me to an awesome show. i love ugly betty. well, honestly, i love henry. henry wouldn't cheat on me with tv. maybe with a big calculator, but not tv.

anyway, alexis meade. i'm not sure what to think of him.. her? himer? ok, ALEXis shall be referred to as himer for the time being, considering the fact that i am not sure how much surgery has actually been done to himer, nor why himer would do that!

i mean, i guess if later we uncover alex's longsuffering desire to be a woman, it's ok, but as of right now, it makes no sense, which i guess was the point. for the most part, it felt like tv was done, but nope, ugly betty brought it back, except for maybe the grey's where grey has to stick her hand in that guy to keep the hospital from blowing up...

i'd fully recap this ep, except for the fact that pretty much everyone, their mom and their great uncle's had to have been watching this ep, and if they weren't, maybe they dont watch the show.. :P

scanning the forums, i ran across many members of the betty/daniel shipper breed, which i thought was really rare (i'm new to this fandom, so please forgive me). but yeah, there was a lot of b/d cuteness going on in the last ep, even though i want henry to have my babies. however, maybe jiminy cricket is right and that a b/d relationship wouldn't work.

ah, hilda. what is hilda going to do? why did justin only say about six words and wake up in the last ep? when will grandma suarez get to watch his stories? can we throw pies at sophia? will henry marry me?

ah, ub, you have again left me with so many questions!


Blogger Dith said...

And as a long as no one knows how much of a woman Alexis is, I can call himer Alexis Meade Doubtfire.
"She's half-man, half-woman!"

11:18 AM  

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